Donations / Collaborations

Request for donations

Our laboratory is doing basic research in medicine. We aim to incorporate the latest knowledge and unique ideas from various disciplines to dramatically advance modern medicine and life science. We are working to overcome various diseases that afflict the human body, not just to extend existing research. We are continuously challenging ourselves to understand the principles underlying disease, thereby informing diagnosis and treatment.

Although our work is not yet directly used in the treatment of disease, it will enable dramatic advances in medicine in the coming decades. Research of this magnitude requires a large amount of funds to move forward. We require skilled research personnel, advanced experimental equipment, and consumables. Obtaining funds for necessary expenses for basic research can be very difficult in Japan, and we are extremely grateful for donations that will allow us to continue our work.

If you would like to donate, please contact Prof. Yuichi Taniguchi (taniguchi-g [at] Your support is deeply appreciated.

Request for collaborations

We are actively seeking companies to support or collaborate with our laboratory. Our research encompasses biochemical methods, optical microscopy, massively parallel sequencing, large-scale computing, lithography, and artificial intelligence. We can work with companies that use a wide range of approaches. To collaborate with us, please contact Prof. Yuichi Taniguchi (taniguchi-g [at]